Sunday, December 21, 2014

Melton Learning and Library Hub exhibition of text based work

Melton Learning and Library Hub exhibition of text based work 
(5 November – 30 November 2014)
There was a development of text based work and interest in producing art and written material for the Melton Library.

Highlights from the ‘Meadowbrook Ink’ group:
  • Liana Pickup included her poem about her father
  • Leonie Heinjus, created two artists books – one for her Mother and a text based work for her Father.   She also developed ‘Leonie’s artist font’ and this artistic alphabet was used by Joan Wilcox to explain her dioramas.
  • Noel Solliffe finished his book on Medicine
  • Ivy Marian included a poem about her experience in rehab
  • Hugh Ennor created a print that was a homage to his dog
On 5th November 2014 there was a soft launch of the Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition  and Melton Library Exhibition for text based work. Councillor Bob Turner personally congratulated all participants and Melton City Council Arts and Culture and Economic Development and Tourism representatives were also present to recognise the SRS resident's art and written works. 
Liana Pickup spontaneously recited her poem in the library about her father in the Melton Learning and Library Hub as part of this soft launch of the displays and exhibitions.

Leonie Heinjus and Liana Pickup reciting a poem at Melton Learning and Library Hub
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn)
Hugh Ennor's print of his dog at Melton Learning and Library Hub
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 
Melton Learning and Library cabinet with text based works
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 

There was a small catalogue created for the Melton Library exhibition to enable cross promotion between the two venues. 

Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition

Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition 
(30 October – 11 November 2014) 

Rod Austin and his drawings of 'Home' at Melton Visitor Information Centre ( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 
Installation view of exhibition at Melton Visitor Information Centre ( 30 October- 11 November 2014)
(photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Group exhibition at Melton Visitor Information Centre by artists who are involved with Melton Willows and Meadowbrook SRS Pop-Up Studios.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Artstop Open Day - 4th December, 10am-4pm

Artstop Artist, John Holmes. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.
Open Day
Arts Access Victoria, in partnership with The Olive Way Drop-In Centre and Moreland City Council, invites you to visit Artstop SRS Open Studio for an Open Day.
Open Day offers visitors artist talks, workshops, an exhibition and live performances.
This is a FREE event. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
WHEN:               Thursday 4th December 2014
TIME:                  10am – 4pm
WHERE:             The Olive way Drop-In Centre, Brunswick Uniting Church, 212 Sydney Road, Brunswick
MORE INFO:      Please contact Aliey Ball, on (03) 8640 6009
BOOKINGS:       No booking required.

Arts Access Victoria acknowledges the support of Arts Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, Moreland City Council and the Victorian Department of Human Services and Department of Health.



Monday, September 29, 2014

Awarded! The Whittlesea City Council Community Development Grant 2014-2015

Thanks to generous funding from Whittlesea City Council, through the Community Development Grant, Queens Lodge SRS Studio will partake in an exciting new project called "Connecting to Country".

Artwork by Queens Lodge participants 
The scenic Darebin Creek is located close to Queens Lodge and will become the muse for the group through out this project. The artists will meet with Wurrundjeri Elder, Ian Hunter, and Darebin Creek Management Committee, from whom they will learn about local flora, fauna and indigenous history. 
Nature studies created by the group will be made into a publication. 

Original artworks will be exhibited and the publication will be launched at Nebula, Arts Access Victoria's fully accessible mobile art space, at the Whittlesea Community Festival in March 2015.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Royal Avenue SRS Studio

Here's a little film of fun times and creativity had at Royal Avenue SRS Studio. Special thanks to Lea Czikowski for the photos and videos used to create this. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Feature Artworks by David Smyth, Northern Terrace SRS Studio

David has been participant of Northern Terrace SRS Studio since 2012. David’s charcoal illustrations and delicate water colour paintings have shown at the Skin Gallery Summer Group Show 2013-14, which was officially opened by the Hr Cr Heidi Victoria. David’s work is in private collections across Victoria. 
The to works shown below are currently on show at the ACCESS ALL AREAS exhibition at The Sandpit gallery space in St Kilda.
Elephant 2013 by David Smyth, charcoal on paper A4 size.
Monkey 2013 by David Smyth, charcoal on paper A4 size

Thursday, August 7, 2014

ACCESS ALL AREAS Exhibition @ The Sandpit Gallery, St Kilda

 Arts Access Victoria invites you to this exciting group exhibition. Come meet the artists, including Artstop SRS Studio artists, Giovanni Dimase and Stefano Conti.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Reservoir Dogs Project - Awarded the Darebin Community Support Grant 2014 - 2015

We are pleased to announce that Arts Access Victoria's application to Darebin City Council's Community Support Grant was successful. The grant will support The Reservoir Dogs Project  - a proposed Reservoir venue - a studio, gallery and shop, for local  artists with disability / mental illness; a hub of creativity for the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people in our society, a safe place, an empowering place, a place of belonging and of employment. 

The Reservoir Dogs Project will provide a safe, dedicated art space for local artists with disability and a venue to create, show case and sell their work, in doing so, creating professional pathways, supporting community capacity building and contributing to the rich cultural fabric of Darebin. The project will provide pathways to employment, community engagement and opportunities for meaningful social inclusion.  

Monday, July 21, 2014

BOLT a short animation by Sydenham Grace SRS Studio

BOLT is a short animation work by Sydenham Grace SRS Studio. This work maps the creation and sounds of an ad hock musical instrument made using found objects. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Richard Phelan's Solo exhibition at Skin Gallery

Richard Phelan and Aliey Ball (Skin Gallery Curator) at the launch of his solo exhibition at Skin Gallery
Life got me down.
Dark times for many years.
Then ART ! I began to draw.
Colour and creation .
Challenge and reward.
I fell in love --- with art .
and now (after a scratchy start )
it is a life joy .

The other world you see on 
paper is the reflection of the
inner artist, who is also my inner child.
Art has brought grace to my life by
revealing hidden dimensions of the true self .
These dimensions are as essential to me
as the outer world and all its people and
allows me to see what is really going on inside .

I ask you, in the moment , to consider your 
own reality even as you contemplate these
works from "the other side " of my being .


Richard Phelan is a participant of the Artstop21 Open Studio, a weekly Arts Access Victoria and The Olive Way arts initiative located in Brunswick. This exhibition will be the inaugural public display of Richard’s work.

Richard Phelan and SRS Studios Support Artist Celeste Abell

Richard Phelan and SRS Studios Support Artist Celeste Abell
SRS Studios Lead Artist Elise McLeary and Richard Phelan 
Richard Phelan with his beautifully surreal work "Counting Clouds Before Sleep 2012"

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Skin Gallery Summer Group Show - Hon. Heidi Victoria, Minister for the Arts

Arts Access Victoria was enormously proud that the following SRS Studios participating artist's works were selected for the curated Skin Gallery Summer Group Show, which was opened by the Hon. Heidi Victoria, Minister for the Arts:

  • Rebecca Bish
  • Stefano Conti
  • Nita Trevor
  • David Smyth
  • Vanessa (Kane) Manning
  • Troy Lewthwaite
  • Valma Lewthwaite
  • JP (John) Penna
  • Catherine Lim
  • Glenn Court
  • Theo Psathas
  • Jim (Dimittrious) Mouhtsis
Hon. Heidi Victoria, Minister for the Arts with SRS Studios participating artist Stefano Conti and his work.

The Hon. Heidi Victoria, Minister for the Arts giving an opening speech for the Skin Gallery Summer Group Show

SRS Studio participating artists at the launch of the Skin Gallery Summer Group Show: (from left to right) David Smyth, JP (John) Penna, Jim Mouhtsis, Lead Artist Rachael Walker, Aliey Ball and Valma Lewthwaite.
Artworks by JP (John) Penna, David Smyth, Vanessa (Kane) Manning and Glenn Court

Monday, March 24, 2014

Edwards Lodge and Northern Terrace SRS Studios at the Darebin Community & Kite Festival, with Nebula

JP (John Penna), Aliey Ball and Richard Graves at the Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Photo credit Darebin City Council. 
Arts Access Victoria took Nubula, the fully accessible mobile art space, to the 2014 Darebin Community & Kite Festival, part of the True North Festival. Nebula where it was utilised as a workshop space for participants of Edwards Lodge and Northern Terrace SRS Studios to work with guest artist, Mark Cuthbertson, to create a giant kite. 

About Nebula
Nebula was designed for people with disability who want to access the arts in an environment that was built for them.  With this at the forefront of our programming, Arts Access Victoria delivers events that are inclusive for both visitors and performers with disability in the unique space of Nebula.

About the SRS Studios
Supported Residential Services (SRS) offer accommodation to men and women living with mental health issues, physical/intellectual disability, acquired brain injury or drug/alcohol dependency. Our SRS Studios provide an opportunity for people from residential services to engage with art making in a professional studio environment with high quality materials and industry level tutelage and advice.

About Guest Artist Mark Cuthbertson
Artworks & Practice
“My current practice is exploring metaphors of colonisation & domestication within a broad national context,
Experimenting with a verity of constructed forms & large scale controlled inflated environments,
Drawing relationship and direction between the work & the given installation site.
Exploring ways to reinvent domestic & industrial materials in the development & direction of new works,
Endeavouring to deliver a sense of encounter and dialogue with the audience, the site & the broader thematic of the work.”

Edwards Lodge SRS participating artists, David Weston and Gus Cattapan at Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Sunday 23rd March 2014. Photo credit Paul Dunn.
Nebula at Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Sunday 23rd March 2014. Photo credit Paul Dunn.
Northern Terrace SRS participating artist, JP (John Penna) hard at work sewing the kite with Arts Access Victoria's Arts Developemnt Officer, Aliey Ball, at Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Sunday 23rd March 2014. Photo credit Paul Dunn.
Northern Terrace SRS participating artist, Valma
 hard at work sewing the kite with Arts Access Victoria's Arts Developemnt Officer, Aliey Ball, at Darebin Community & Kite Festival. Sunday 23rd March 2014. Photo credit Paul Dunn.
Edwards Lodge SRS Studio participating artist, Richard Graves, creating the kite tail.
Left to right: Guest Artist Mark Cuthbertson, David Weston, Aliey Ball and Richard Graves, putting the finishing touches on the kite. 
Edwards Lodge SRS Studio participating artist, Richard Graves, launching the kite.
Edwards Lodge SRS Studio participating artist, Robin Pierson, rejoicing when the kite took off into the sky!

Northern Terrace SRS Studio participating artist, JP (John Penna), steering the kite with great skill and precision.

Up she goes!

Flying high!
"I didn't want to do anything at first, but once I got into it I really loved it. I really loved doing those foam prints. Mine came out good." Robyn Pierson

"It was grouse doing the portraits. That was amazing that time." Richard Graves

"I enjoyed myself and I would like to do it again. It reminded me of the good old days when we would fly kites."  Gus Cattopan 

"It was very enjoyable. I really liked doing the portraits because it was something different. It was good to try something different for a change. And the food was nice too."   Royce Clover

"One thing I really enjoyed which has nothing to do with painting was sewing. It was the first time I used a sewing machine.  That I felt was really terrific." Robyn Pierson

"We should have a festival each week." Royce Clover

"I enjoyed it because I was doing something. Doing printmaking was reasonably successful. I felt really good about my print." John Penna

"Nice people to talk to. It was good." Valma Lewthwaite

"It was good. I enjoyed it. I meet some different people. It was different because I've never made a kite before. And nice lunch." Troy Lewthwaite

"I was sewing material to make the kite. I learnt how to do it.  It was good using the sewing machine. It was good." Valma Lewthwaite

"I need assistance, then I feel like I'm doing something. It was really good flying the kite they made." John Penna

"When is the next festival going to be?" Toufic

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sydney Road Street Part, Brunswick Music Festival 2014

Above:  Artstop SRS Open Studio participant Giovanni Dimase was MC for Nebula at the Sydney Road Street Party, seen here with Rebecca Barnard and her son Harry O'Marra in the background.

On Sunday 2nd March 2014 Arts Access Victoria brought Nebula, the fully accessible mobile art space to the Sydney Road Street party. Nebula became one of seven stages and hosted a banquet of talented performers, including Artstop SRS Open Studio participants Stefano Conti (pictured below) and Giovanni Dimase (above), Rebecca Barnard and her son Harry O'Marra, Heidi Everett and Phil Heuzenroeder, Rudely Interrupted and The Night Before Tomorrow. 
It was a wonderful day with big crowds and a full filled atmosphere. 

Stefano Conti reciting his powerful poetry.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Fluid Ink Project 2011 - from the archives!

The Fluid Ink Project is the culmination of work created by Artstop 21, as they underwent a series of intensive weekly workshops in 2011, spanning 10 months under the artistic direction of acclaimed local visual artist Elyss McCleary and award winning sculpture artist Aliey Ball who have curated this exhibition. Collaborating artists to The Fluid Ink Project include sound artist and musician Claire Deak, media artist Leonie Van Eyk and animator Bernadette Trench-Thiedeman.

The Fluid Ink Project conveys over twenty intimate, powerful narratives as told through sculpture, stop motion animation and sound installation. From sculpted rabbits rabid with myxomatosis to paper birds that unfold across a stop motion animation landscape - each artwork allows the viewer to peer into the artists' own history, ideas and imagination.

This exhibition is an opportunity for the artists of Artstop 21 to be recognised within their local area as emerging contemporary artists with new found networks. 

Artstop 21 is an Arts Access Victoria project, funded by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria and the Department of Human Services. Artstop 21 workshops have been hosted by The Olive Way, a community drop in centre managed by Brunswick Uniting Church. Artstop 21 is sponsored by Metlink, who have supported the emerging artists travel to and from Artstop 21 workshops via tram travel. Artstop 21 are proudly supported by Health and Community Care, Department of Health.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Play Me, I'm Yours, Artstop SRS Open Studio - January 2014

Above: Artstop SRS Open Studio participant, Rebecca Bish, playing an original musical piece on Arts Access Victoria's Satellite Program's hand painted piano, at the Arts Centre Melbourne forecourt. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.
Above: Artstop SRS Open Studio participants, staff and friends performing for Play Me I'm Yours, Arts Centre Melbourne forecourt with Vanessa Chapple and Rose Urtler. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.
Above: Artstop SRS Open Studio participants Robbie Weir and Giovanni Di Mase, performing on the Koori Tiddas, had painted piano at the Curve Bar Garden, Arts Centre Melbourne, as part of Play Me I'm Yours. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.

SRS Studios at the 2013 Melton Djerriwarrh Festival

Above: Artstop, Melton Willows and Meadow Brook SRS Studios participants and staff, outside Nebula, Arts Access Victoria's fully accessible, mobile art space, at the 2013 Melton Djerriwarrh Festival (Ephemeral Public Art Commission), November 6th 2013. Photo credit: Paul Dunn

Please watch the short film below, which documents the day!

Above: Artstop SRS Open Studio participants, Stefano Conte and Giovanni Di Mase, during their poetry and spoken word performances. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.
Above: The general public were invited to participate in a printmaking workshop and make two prints, one to take home and the other was used to adorn Nebula and create an exhibition, which grew throughout the duration of the festival. Photo credit: Paul Dunn.