Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Artstop the feature story on Arts Victoria website

"Jim* had been living in supported residential accommodation for a number of years.
Supported Residential Services (SRS) provide accommodation to people who experience significant psychological, intellectual and physical disabilities.

The residents of these services are often extremely vulnerable individuals for whom previous re-engagement with communities has been highly problematic. Many are also at risk of homelessness.

Jim had an instinct for art. He was a regular participant in the visual arts programs offered by Arts Access Victoria at the SRS – though those opportunities were sometimes limited..."


Monday, January 19, 2015

A short film by Fusion Arts Studio

This film was produced through nine weeks at Jets Studio in 2014, where the group developed new skills in multi-media.
This project was generously supported by Banyule City Council through the 2014 Community Development Grant.

Poetry by Fusion Arts Studio artists, exploring "Self"


I am me ……..
Middle. Trung
Eggs that are boiled
Noodle sour, instant

Table tennis with Sam
A bookshop with Saigon
I read romantic novels in the shop
Fast Melbourne trains I ride


I am me…………….

Fashionable colorful

Aware nice holy
Scared depressed
Active busy
Sociable fit
Tasteful outgoing

I go to the theatre
Movies restaurants

Friendly wordly
Good Appetite


The other knee…….

I’ve got the other knee
So you can leave this one alone
-         That’s how I feel sometimes
People can leave me alone

This morning I awoke early
Felt crappy, really tired
Still a bit tired –
Wasn’t gonna come at all

First time I been here
Different sounds
Yeah, yeah sounds
The filming – that was good

I love playing the free bingo
At crown casino
It’s fun
If you’ve got a phone
You put that on vibrate – or silent

Don’t know what I’ll do this afternoon
Let’s wait until tea time.
No tea for me now
I don’t drink tea or coffee, just water


I am me…….

Yes flower
Yes red
Listen to music everyday
Elephant Moroudi
Somali Nico


I am me…….

…….Oh of the things both my best
worst enigmated for me to share
are I are centred.
I am centred,
I am following stuff
As long as I’m tempted to control there

I eat everything
It might as well sit in me
Because I don’t put on weight

Are thankful you are willing to listen
To my opinions and ideas love cards

Eight, footy tips six correct
When others have four;
Twenty three rounds
Are what two things occupy my thought
Jack are we getting the
Chocolates cards numbers story