Monday, April 14, 2014

Richard Phelan's Solo exhibition at Skin Gallery

Richard Phelan and Aliey Ball (Skin Gallery Curator) at the launch of his solo exhibition at Skin Gallery
Life got me down.
Dark times for many years.
Then ART ! I began to draw.
Colour and creation .
Challenge and reward.
I fell in love --- with art .
and now (after a scratchy start )
it is a life joy .

The other world you see on 
paper is the reflection of the
inner artist, who is also my inner child.
Art has brought grace to my life by
revealing hidden dimensions of the true self .
These dimensions are as essential to me
as the outer world and all its people and
allows me to see what is really going on inside .

I ask you, in the moment , to consider your 
own reality even as you contemplate these
works from "the other side " of my being .


Richard Phelan is a participant of the Artstop21 Open Studio, a weekly Arts Access Victoria and The Olive Way arts initiative located in Brunswick. This exhibition will be the inaugural public display of Richard’s work.

Richard Phelan and SRS Studios Support Artist Celeste Abell

Richard Phelan and SRS Studios Support Artist Celeste Abell
SRS Studios Lead Artist Elise McLeary and Richard Phelan 
Richard Phelan with his beautifully surreal work "Counting Clouds Before Sleep 2012"

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