Edwards Lodge

Where: Edwards Lodge SRS, 14 Barton Street, Reservoir VIC 3073
When: Wednesdays

Lead Artist: Marc Pascal
Support Artist: Matthew Jelleff

Royce Clover, Green Birds 2012, gouache on paper. Photo: Aliey Ball

Edwards Lodge is a Supported Residential Service that provides accommodation to people who experience significant psychological, intellectual and physical disabilities. The residents of these services are extremely vulnerable individuals for whom previous reengagement with communities has been highly problematic.

Arts Access Victoria, with the support of The Department of Health, has begun the first stage of implementing the highly successful program model of Artstop21 to Edwards Lodge. This model provides residents the opportunity to develop their own professional arts practices in a supportive environment.
David Weston, The Lonely Tree 2012, gouache and pencil on paper. Photo: Aliey Ball
In August – November 2012 Arts Access began working with Edwards Lodge to begin the first stage of replicating the Artstop21 program model. Thirteen ‘in-house’ workshops on a Wednesday morning spanned skill building techniques in Chinese Calligraphy, Rorschache, bookbinding, painting and illustration. Discussions around ‘what is art?’ and contemporary techniques and approaches were also facilitated as a way of creating an inclusive and open studio environment for residents, whose experience and access to art making is extremely limited. The enthusiasm and dedication of Edwards Lodge residents has been palpable and contributed huge success to the quality and amount of artworks created in each session. The rapport with the Edwards Lodge staff and proprietor has been similarly outstanding and Arts Access looks forward to growing this strong partnership into 2013 and beyond.

2013 saw the culmination of all the resident’s artworks come together for public outcome at ‘Skin Gallery’ in Carlton, as it presents an exciting opportunity to increase the local community awareness of the skills and creative potential of people living in Supported Residential Services. A partnership with Merri Health Community Services Supporting Connections generously funded artworks to be framed for the exhibition.

Richard Graves, Artist and Edwards Lodge SRS Studio participant
Left to right: Chris Arnold, Executive Director, Skin & Cancer Foundation Inc., Eden Thomsen, Arts Development Officer, Arts Access Victoria, Royce Clover, Artist and Aliey Ball, Curator, Skin Gallery
Peter Low, Artist and Edwards Lodge SRS Studio participant

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