Meadowbrook Ink

Where: Meadowbrook Supported Residential Service, 2-10 Bridge Street
Melton South, VIC, 3338

Lead Artist: Lawrence Finn
Support Artist: Alesh Macak

Leonie Heinjus created her 'artist font' that was used to be able to create artist statements
(exhibited at Melton Learning and Library Hub 2014)
Development of text based work, exhibition and Arts Centre 'Home' project (July -November  2014)

Fiona Halse and Natalya Garden-Thompson  approached the arts classes with a process of ensuring inclusion, ensuring anyone is welcome and can come and go as they feel they need to. This approach has helped build a feeling of a ‘safe art space’, it has helped build interest and engagement with those residents who initially may not have considered themselves as creative people. This open approach to creating art during the SRS pop-up studios sessions has encouraged artists such as Liana Pickup (who writes poetry) and Hugh Ennor (who enjoys being ‘Meadowbrook  Ink’ art class DJ) to explore their own approaches to art making.   

During the SRS pop-up studios sessions ( July - November 2104)  a number of projects were delivered:

‘Meadowbrook Ink’ was involved in:

Arts Centre Melbourne -  Home Project 

Installation view of wooden houses exhibited at Melton Visitor Information Centre and created for The Arts Centre Melbourne 'Home' project ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson) 
Home is a large scale participatory art project that offers everyone a chance to explore and celebrate the ideas, stories, memories and emotions that the thought of home can invoke. SRS residents all created a house to be part of this project and some houses were exhibited at the Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition. 

On 10 January 2015 Home will be launched with all the wooden houses gathered together and proudly displayed in and around a supersized installation called ‘The Big House’ on the Arts Centre Melbourne lawn - which will be home to 16 days of free workshops, music and performances.

Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition 
(30 October – 11 November 2014)

Rod Austin and his drawings of 'Home' at Melton Visitor Information Centre ( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 
Installation view of exhibition at Melton Visitor Information Centre ( 30 October- 11 November 2014)
(photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)

Group exhibition at Melton VisitorInformation Centre by artists who are involved with Melton Willows and Meadowbrook SRS Pop-Up Studios.

Highlights from the ‘Meadowbrook Ink’ group:

  • Rod Austin exhibited his work that explored house based concepts from all over the world
  • Robert Cahill and Dale Morgan exhibited their textured artworks that derive from nature
  • Nichole Creed and Joan Wilcox exhibited their color field inspired art

 SRS Artist Profiles were also exhibited

Melton Learning and Library Hub exhibition of text based work 
(5 November – 30 November 2014)

There was a development of text based work and interest in producing art and written material for the Melton Library.

Highlights from the ‘Meadowbrook Ink’ group:
  • Liana Pickup included her poem about her father
  • Leonie Heinjus, created two artists books – one for her Mother and a text based work for her Father.   She also developed ‘Leonie’s artist font’ and this artistic alphabet was used by Joan Wilcox to explain her dioramas.
  • Noel Solliffe finished his book on Medicine
  • Ivy Marian included a poem about her experience in rehab
  • Hugh Ennor created a print that was a homage to his dog
On 5th November 2014 there was a soft launch of the Melton Visitor Information Centre Exhibition  and Melton Library Exhibition for text based work. Councillor Bob Turner personally congratulated all participants and Melton City Council Arts and Culture and Economic Development and Tourism representatives were also present to recognise the SRS resident's art and written works. 
Liana Pickup spontaneously recited her poem in the library about her father in the Melton Learning and Library Hub as part of this soft launch of the displays and exhibitions.

Leonie Heinjus and Liana Pickup reciting a poem at Melton Learning and Library Hub
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn)
Hugh Ennor's print of his dog at Melton Learning and Library Hub
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 
Melton Learning and Library cabinet with text based works
( Photo credit:Paul Dunn) 

There was a small catalogue created for the Melton Library exhibition to enable cross promotion between the two venues. 

Artist Nichole Creed ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Artist Leigh Keleprouris ( photo credit: Natalya Garden -Thompson)
SRS Artists and Natalya Garden-Thompson ( photo credit: Fiona Halse)
Collaboration, Discovery and Sharing (February - June 2014)
The SRS pop up studios sessions ( February - June 2104) became about the participants exploring, discovering and understanding their own voice and unique creative potential. To encourage self-determination and confidence within the SRS residents Natalya Garden-Thompson and Fiona Halse  had a 'person centred' approach to facilitating the art class and reminded the SRS residents that their vision and authentic arts practice teaches the community about new ways of thinking and creating art. Meadowbrook SRS residents exhibited their new artwork in the dining room and this arts space has become 'their gallery'. 

Leonie Hinjus Artist Book (photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Noel Solliffe's Artist Book ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Noel Solliffe creating his Artist Book ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Development of Artist Books  
Leonie Hinjus' artist book influenced Noel Solliffe's book on medication ( this book relates to his car accident)

Leigh Keleprouris; acrylic on board ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson) 
Miranda Bevan; mixed media on canvas  (photo credit: Natayla Garden-Thompson) 
Artist Joan Wilcox with Fiona Halse ( photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Robert Cahill; Mixed media artwork (photo credit: Natalya Garden-Thompson)
Development of SRS Artist Profiles 
Within these sessions there was a development in regard to creating and writing artist profiles. These profiles allowed the SRS residents to reflect on their work, summarise their key ideas and express to others what they value within the arts. These written profiles were workshopped with the residents and are now online and exhibited as a label for the artworks in 'their gallery'. 

Meadowbrook SRS 2013

Three portraits by Rod Van Gogh
In 2013 a six week intensive of weekly art classes was held at Meadow Brook with Leonie Van Eyk as Lead Artist, mentoring local artist Fiona Halse, to the role of Lead Artist in 2014. 

"Most participants were in their own world exploring art as a solo practice. The pop-up exhibition at the end of the six weeks was their greatest collaboration as everybody's work came together on one wall. Throughout the class, when someone completed a painting or an art piece, there was a small discussion or acknowledgement of the art that was made by others in the group...Facilitating staff and participants worked closely together. I felt like this period was a nurturing experience, giving many people the opportunity to come and be a part. It was a discovering time, seeing what people were capable of and what took their interest. Some people were happy to be left alone, working as if they were in their own studio space. Everyone seemed to enjoy the attention of the facilitating artists working beside them. I imagine the next phase for the participants at Meadowbrook to be more developmental, where each of the individuals can work toward a set goal." Leonie Van Eyk, Lead Artist 2013
Video of SRS residents and artwork created at Melton Willows and Meadow Brook SRS (2013).
Video created by: Leonie Van Eyk

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