Queens Lodge

Where: Queens Lodge Supported Residential Service, 5 Queens Street, Lalor VIC 3075

Lead Artist: Lainie Cann
Support Artist: Annalies Visser

In 2013 a series of weekly visual arts workshops were held at Queens Lodge SRS Studio as a way of introducing artistic possibilities and gleaming individual interests and aspirations. The program focused on confidence boosting exercises that explored working together as a group as well as independent thinking and making. This resulted in the generation of various paper-based art works, using collage as the vehicle for self expression, as decided on by participants. 

This experience of spending time together collaborating on creative projects in their home environment carried over into other areas of their shared lives at Queens Lodge. The residents (of their own accord) planned future artistic endeavours outside of workshop time frames, which created positive working relationships. Participants were also able to gain exposure to one another's hidden talents and creative abilities, which generated a good deal of new found respect and admiration. 

Activities explored in 2013 included clay sculpture, painting, drawing with pastels, markers and pencils, with the main interest being collage. The whole group chose collage as their preferred medium, which became a gateway for participants to express their ideas in an easily resolved manner, using pre-existing text and images to cut, edit and re-contextualising the material so that it became something personal that reflected their individual choices and interests.
Focusing on one medium became a successful entry point fro enabling a confident approach to embracing future art making techniques. Participants became more open to experimenting with painting and generating original content from their own imagination.  

2014 sees the continuation of fortnightly visual arts workshops supporting the development of individual arts practices.

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