Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sydney Road Street Part, Brunswick Music Festival 2014

Above:  Artstop SRS Open Studio participant Giovanni Dimase was MC for Nebula at the Sydney Road Street Party, seen here with Rebecca Barnard and her son Harry O'Marra in the background.

On Sunday 2nd March 2014 Arts Access Victoria brought Nebula, the fully accessible mobile art space to the Sydney Road Street party. Nebula became one of seven stages and hosted a banquet of talented performers, including Artstop SRS Open Studio participants Stefano Conti (pictured below) and Giovanni Dimase (above), Rebecca Barnard and her son Harry O'Marra, Heidi Everett and Phil Heuzenroeder, Rudely Interrupted and The Night Before Tomorrow. 
It was a wonderful day with big crowds and a full filled atmosphere. 

Stefano Conti reciting his powerful poetry.

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