Monday, January 19, 2015

Poetry by Fusion Arts Studio artists, exploring "Self"


I am me ……..
Middle. Trung
Eggs that are boiled
Noodle sour, instant

Table tennis with Sam
A bookshop with Saigon
I read romantic novels in the shop
Fast Melbourne trains I ride


I am me…………….

Fashionable colorful

Aware nice holy
Scared depressed
Active busy
Sociable fit
Tasteful outgoing

I go to the theatre
Movies restaurants

Friendly wordly
Good Appetite


The other knee…….

I’ve got the other knee
So you can leave this one alone
-         That’s how I feel sometimes
People can leave me alone

This morning I awoke early
Felt crappy, really tired
Still a bit tired –
Wasn’t gonna come at all

First time I been here
Different sounds
Yeah, yeah sounds
The filming – that was good

I love playing the free bingo
At crown casino
It’s fun
If you’ve got a phone
You put that on vibrate – or silent

Don’t know what I’ll do this afternoon
Let’s wait until tea time.
No tea for me now
I don’t drink tea or coffee, just water


I am me…….

Yes flower
Yes red
Listen to music everyday
Elephant Moroudi
Somali Nico


I am me…….

…….Oh of the things both my best
worst enigmated for me to share
are I are centred.
I am centred,
I am following stuff
As long as I’m tempted to control there

I eat everything
It might as well sit in me
Because I don’t put on weight

Are thankful you are willing to listen
To my opinions and ideas love cards

Eight, footy tips six correct
When others have four;
Twenty three rounds
Are what two things occupy my thought
Jack are we getting the
Chocolates cards numbers story

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